Volume 19 Moeka Nozaki x Moilip

Text & Photo by Moeka Nozaki
(From “Hanatsubaki” 2018.3.28 issue)​ ​

My grandfather teaches marketing.
At 84 years old, he's the biggest advocate for lifelong learning in my family.
He's like a living dictionary and his curiosity about everything
makes his eyes sparkle like a little kid.
He's also on top of his game work-wise.

My grandfather teaches about
"emotional marketing."

This may be the first time for a lot of readers to see this term.
If marketing doesn't emotionally move people,
then those people will not become repeat buyers.
They won't fall in love with the product.

So the question is,
how do you move people?

People use their common sense
to form their views about things.
You capture someone's attention when you exceed
their expectations about a product.

And when they are moved,
they want to buy the product again...

I guess in my case,
items that have moved me would be...

Actually, only one item
comes to mind.

I always have this item in my pocket.
In my 28 years of life,
this is the product I'm the biggest repeat buyer of.

That product is Shiseido's Moilip.
The first time I came across Moilip was in middle school.

It was on a very very cold winter's day.
I had a cold and was sitting out during gym class.

The girl sitting beside me was in a wheelchair,
and when she noticed my lips were chapped,
she handed me her tube of Moilip.

"Moe-chan! Your lips are cracked!"
"What's this?"
"It's Moilip! You know about it, right?"
"This medicated lip balm even works on cheilosis!"

My friend squeezed out some of the Moilip balm
onto my hand.

As a slowly spread the balm across my lips,
I was surprised by the moisturizing sensation.

I had a bad habit of biting my bottom lip when I was nervous,
and even these constantly cracked lips
became smooth and plump
with Moilip's help.

Since then I have become a repeat buyer of Moilip.

Whether you suffer from cheilosis, stomatitis, chapped lips,
deep cracks or lines in your lips,
or your lips tend to bleed because of such cracks,
this one tube can take care of it all.

This rich and gentle base
was able to save
even these damaged lips.

I can't remember having any greater feeling of relief...

I'm trying to think about
if there's been any other product
I'm such a heavy user of as this lip cream.

When I look back on the items I'm a repeat buyer of
and on my own history,
a lot of faces and good times come to mind.

Just by reminiscing about these things,
my love for the items
that are with me in my daily life
grows even more.

Not having a tube in my pocket makes me feel off.
as an item I can't live without.

Moilip will continue to have a place in my pocket
as an item I can't live without.

Please continue to take care of these lips of mine,

my Moilip.

This article is an excerpt from Shiseido’s corporate culture magazine Hanatsubaki.
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