Shiseido Lovers!

Volume 4 Izumi Aoyagi x Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Text by Izumi Aoyagi 2016.11.11

My eyelashes.
The first makeup tool I bought was during my first year of middle school.
Characters float off the curves of this silver tool made solely for the purpose of lifting one's eyelashes.​ ​
I subconsciously chose the item with the Shiseido characters because I recognized it from my mother's dressing table.
The curve of my eyelid changed and grew up to match that of the tool.
The eyelash curler's curves became the shape of my eyelids.
I was prone to losing things, but what would become of my eyelids and eyelashes if I dared to lose these curlers?
I felt like they would then both be lost as well.
I've experimented with clear mascara, lengthening mascara, volumizing mascara, waterproof mascara, red mascara, green mascara, and more, though I don't use mascara now.
Even so, I still use an eyelash curler daily.
And the finished look is beautiful today as always.

My mother was a pro with makeup and always looked beautiful.
She always smelled of Shiseido's rose perfume.
She was my role model from the beginning.
I used to use the 200 yen eyebrow pencil on my mother's vanity table to draw cat whiskers, but now I've become quite good at putting on makeup, just like - exactly like - my mother was.
I always finish off my look with these curlers.
Eyelash curlers are the one thing I can say I'm more skilled at using than my mother.
Shiseido embodies my mother, but Shiseido's curlers embody me.
My eyelashes.
My mother's colorful eyelids.

When I put on makeup, add some color to my lids and finish off by doing my eyelashes, the made up face that stares back at me in the mirror is not my own, but that of my mother.
As time passes, I become less like my myself and more like my mother.
And my mother becomes less like herself and reverts to becoming more like me.
Then the scent of roses returns.

Our beauty is timeless.

This article is an excerpt from Shiseido’s corporate culture magazine Hanatsubaki.
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