Top Shiseido Hair and Makeup Artist Hirofumi Kera Discusses Japanese Beauty

“May I Start? Hirofumi Kera’s Cross-Border Hair & Makeup” is an exhibition currently running at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama until September 1, 2019. JBI Director Kaori Amaha visited Kera during his production of wigs and facial features for Bunraku puppets to have a talk. The two discussed Shiseido’s top hair and makeup artists’ ideas about Japanese beauty.

MAY I START? – Hirofumi Kera’s Cross-Border Hair & Makeup

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Kera, who has previously worked on ad production and fashion show venues, has recently been collaborating with various contemporary artists. The ongoing exhibition features one such project, in which Kera is producing puppets used for narrating a Bunraku play. The project is a direct embodiment of Japanese beauty.

Kera’s latest book is also scheduled for release this fall, so keep an eye out for it.

About the book (Japanese)