Japanese Beauty Presentation
at in-cosmetics Korea

On June 30, 2019, Japanese Beauty Institute Director Kaori Amaha gave JBI’s first presentation.

On the final day of “in-cosmetics Korea,” Korea’s largest beauty event, JBI Director Kaori Amaha took to the stage at a Marketing Trends session. A large number of beauty industry and other customers were waiting before the session opened, and the final attendance figure topped 120.

The Japanese Beauty Movie – available on this website – was screened at the beginning of the session, then JBI Director Kaori Amaha explained that Shiseido was a company that exemplified Japanese beauty and that the philosophy of Japanese beauty was inherent in every Shiseido product and service. The high level of interest in Japanese beauty was evident from the way the participants enthusiastically took photos and made notes.

Rana Khoury, who organized the event, also commented: “The presentation was really amazing and most of the audience were inspired.” After the presentation, a pamphlet was distributed to over 50 people.

JBI will continue to participate in various events to promote the values of Japanese beauty globally. Great things can be expected of JBI.