Hanatsubaki started as a journal for Hanatsubaki-kai (Camelia Club), a Shiseido product user group. The predecessors are the Shiseido Geppo (launched in 1924) and the Shiseido Graph (from 1933 to 1937). Since launch, it has been actively covering overseas news and latest trends on lifestyle including beauty and fashion. In 2016, Hanatsubaki shifted to a cross media format – “Hanatsubaki,” a quarterly printed magazine and “Web Hanatsubaki,” a web magazine.

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Launch of Hanatsubaki

In addition to the beautiful photography that was inherited from the Shiseido Graph, the magazine dedicated its pages to the latest information on beauty and fashion from Western countries which were rare at the time period.

Contents that are tailored to the time period

The magazine covers modern fashion and culture of the time. In the mid 1970s, when the Women’s Liberation movement took on the world’s stage, Hanatsubaki dedicated many articles to women’s empowered new lifestyle.

“Hanatsubaki for seeing” and “Hanatsubaki for reading”

The magazine had its second design renewal in 2007. It took on a unique new publication style of alternating two different editions –“Miru Hanatsubaki,” a visual-focused edition and “Yomu Hanatsubaki,” a reading-material-focused edition. The magazine was enthusiastically supported especially by those highly attuned to culture.

Shift to a cross media format

In 2016, Hanatsukbaki added web magazine “Web Hanatsubaki” to its quarterly printed magazine. Offering digital natives tips and news to make their lives enriched and beautiful.